Saturday, March 10, 2012

what humans are here for?

            Have you ever when you just feel like quitting, feel like the world had give up on you? Well its been a long while since I long rant the thoughts that have been circling on my mind.
           What are we here for?

             If you expect an anwser to you philosophy students well don't expect one. Because to all contary belief I'm still young and vibrant with not much experience of what is to happen in this human life span. Maybe I'll never know how things will happen.

            But I know all this. Our generation of people that live and breath technology. We are at the advantage, we don't need to travel or know people to understand and hear people stories. For social media and the internet have get rid of boarders that we human create to control and have power.

              Those past memories of me when I'm a kid playing the game boy advance and using windows 99 ( i think thats what its call back than >_< my memory is failing me). Back than everyone thought that was the most advance technology ever. But now Ipad 3 is coming out soon, thin and super slim laptops that I'm using.

               We have done things at such a speed that I'm anxious to know what can science and the innovation of people can offer.  But its still come down to one question. Why are we humans here for? Where do we fit in this grand scheme of the universe.

             It is like the flow of time when few minutes ago I ask the same question and probably many generations and those before me ponder. It all will come down to this, will technology hinder our human advancement to know whats in the universe or will it help us. Will people abuse this power or  people inginuety will give us the formula the rules that acompass this universe.


The anwser is up to us humans. For we are in a sense the master of faith.

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