Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nano Technology Guide

 So someone recently ask my in my opinion of nanotechnology. Well here's a guide to nano-technology and thier application in the real world .

Well first we gotta understand the most fundamental things.
What is nano-technology?
  • Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale.

So there that's done. Now to the fun things. When is nano-technology use and found it ? Well be prepare to be suprise.

The one thing, we all should use when its Summer ( well at least attempt in using).Sunscrean.  Certain sunscreen brands have seen fit to incorporate nanotechnology into their products; the use of molecularly-engineered materials means that these sunscreens are many times more effective at absorbing light than normal brands.

Nano technology is good when it comes to UV Ray. Their minute particle size enables them to cover more skin with less cream base and since they spread more easily, you use less of the sunscreen and theoretically save money.

Right now nanotechnology is relulationizing the medical field.

Due to nanotechnology operatating on such a small scale, it offers the opportunity to create precisely targeted surgical instrument,  drug delivery systems, and implants.  Nanomaterials can also be implanted into the body; for example, someone with a badly damaged bone or joint could be treated with nanoparticles which would promote new growth, regrowing the damaged tissue.

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