Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Mask

    As I matured , I become more and more aware of the large gap between the way that I felt and the way others around me felt.

   One day, the rabbit that we kept killed in a horrific manner  , some fireworks were placed in its mouth and set off. While everyone else cried, I felt horribly restless fidgeting by myself . Because I wasnt the least bit  sadden  by the death of the rabbit.

    I wonder why, why everyone was crying ? Ahh...I just couldn't understand .

     But if I was the only one wearing a calm expression , then they think I was odd. I had to cry as well . My face was  stiff and I couldn't really cry . What could they do when they find out my tears was fake ? I mustn't raise my head to face them ! everyone is clutching their stomach  and laughing . What so funny I wonder . I don't get it . But if I don't act like them, I will get exiled from the group.
      Must laugh ...have to laugh.... Laugh... No gotta cry ....Supposed to cry......No Im suppose to laugh......... I HAVE TO LAUGH...

     Something so simple , yet I can't do it.

    I'm weird ...I'm abnormal...

       It was as if  I were a black sheep born to live in isolation amongst pure white sheep's. 

     Without enjoying  the same things as my brethen. Nor sorrowing over the same things as they do , nor partaking the same meals , the comforting feelings my companions experience.  Such feelings as love , affection and sympathy were foerign to me and so as a wretch black sheep , the only thing I would do was

  to coat my Black coat in white powder , no choice but to masquerade as a white sheep .

Friday, December 10, 2010


                                                           7 C 2010 rockz

Finish studying !! Yeaahhh...well have to wait 3 more days to school really finish  ;D  and reports will come out too XD not talking about school and studies its all about PARTAY !! :p
Today, we had our end of year class party...sad next year we all might go our seperate way


                                                                 Time is like river
                                                        You cannot touch the same river twice 
                                                Because the flow that passed will never pass again
                                                          Enjoy every moment of life


 dont drink or eat too much soft drinks and junk food or else
you be too hyper or sleepy :D



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 School life

   This year, it has gone so fast. -_-   You know what that means !!!??

   First year in high school, gone. It was the best time of my life but I had yet to experience 5 more years of high school till  my student life is over.   Well beside that, its HOLIDAYS.

         But even the mention of holiday, I still have a sad feeling of the friends, best friend , classmate and teachers I met and have become familiar.  We won't probably have this kind of relationship next year because next year different clasess for different subjects *sigh*

        Well, so Im just gonna cherrish 8 more periods of school time. And 3 days fun time with friends mucking around in school technically MELBOURNE :)  

Adieus pplz ;) 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summers Study

   Summer is here and just 2 more weeks till school end.   I am determine to study my butt of to do an entrance exam for MacRob =_= ""

        Lucky me, from what I read the topics they cover in the test. I have to seriously need to catch up with a lot of things.  Espeacilly maths  , writing and english . You probably notice its technically all the subjects they are testing. So WHAT THE HELL am I doing this entrance exam.

   Well , I wanna get into to this highly acclaimed  school where they have top VCE results in the state. good. With my average brain power and a 100 IQ result. I wanted to make my parents proud and me proud.

  So wish me luck guys !!!!  pray for me too :)    

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Genetic Engineering ( Biotechnolygy)

   This is not a new subject in our society. Genetic Engineering has been contributing to human welfare  especially in areas like Medicine, Agriculture and Industries.

Application  in Agriculture :  disease resistance , breeding and
Application in Medicine : nutritional supplements, xenotransplantation

Even though the benefits it brings to human society. Majority of the people is concern of the effects by using  this kind of technolygy.

Concerning  areas : Health,  Animals or Human rights ,  Change direction of Evolution( consequence of tempering nature)  

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Music Night

So nervous, but im into it =D  
            Its been a busy week at school with test, sports practice etc etc. We year 7 music students made  a concert to present it to parents.

           Surprisingly I got to do a solo piece..and you know what. I was the first soloist to played . So armed with my weapon aka violin . I played my heart out with the song Humoresque by: A. Dvorak also with a talented pianist Ms. Morris ( Music teacher that I never knew X_X)

     I was so NERVOUS but with the support from my mom =) , my friends swaying with the music  and a really kick ass pianist. The music director told me that I played beautifully and really calm.

   Well, the rest of the night was just awe struck. Too bad I don't have  video of that performance  =(   And to my follow friends that played  so beautifully . 


     Well, my first year of High School. I got so much wonderful memories .
Shouts Out: YEAR 7 2010 BSC  IS AWESOME
friend that play trumpet haha..he went red in the end

Playing Chim Chim chere ensemble

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just want someone to love

They crucify your chance at success,
and train you with anger, hate and neglect. 
 Setting you up so nobody can save you- 
in the confines of unexplained pain you- 
take to the streets and search for your real meaning- 
and go against rules you were never taught,
rules you didn’t even know you were breaking

 Tolerance was all you sought.
All you ever wanted
was to feel someone’s embrace
It’s ironic how you’re perfect,
yet you’ve never gotten praise
I want to see your eyes light up
because you can win this fight.

I want to adopt your smile and change your life.
You sprint on the cold ground,

hollow hope is what you want to be found,
but they called the shots, turned everyone against you, 
and now that you’re back where you started again you- 

run, run away from the strikes, 
run away from the scars, 
run away from the tears,
run into my arms, so run,

Run away from the strikes
 run away from the scars,
run away from the tears,
run into my arm
All you ever wanted
was to feel someone’s embrace
It’s ironic how you’re perfect,
yet you’ve never gotten praise
I want to see your eyes light up because you can win this fight.

what goes around

From the start of the industrial revolution, humans have been polluting air and the ocean .  But only few years ago, we as humans has just notice the effects that this cutting age technology .

Effects :
  The warming of the planet is a main threat to our survivor and to many animals and plants survivor. So its just a chain of reaction of Chaos.

  Pollution is also one of the main factors that many marine life is rapidly decreasing, acids rain is also a man made problem, air pollution is also causes to many diseases and  the warming up of the planet.

All this improvement of living for us, cause us the life of millions of animals, plants and many  deaths of humans. So maybe its just karma biting us in the ass for past generation ideas of a great Earth ( that is rapidly destroying itself) 

Monday, October 11, 2010


Dont you like when people ask you question and you know the anwser imidiately...

 Those time are the time where it just boost my confidence :)

so guys if YOU can anwsers to any question might be from clothes to the Riemann Hypothesis. 
That just makes you quite a smart chap .

For everyone  weakness is someone strong point .. 

   So no matter how small the topic is learn it you might learn something fascinating

Saturday, October 9, 2010

best things

Best thing about life is the food, clothes, friends and your family  :) thing about life because without them I wonder how could I survive


peace out trisha

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pressure to win


This is CRAZY . In all my technically 13 years 10 months and 4 days of living right now.  I am panicking for an exam.   If its my friends see me right now , they could believe that HELL HAS JUST FREEZE x_x

    *sigh*  Im so anxious, worry, panic, agigated about this exam. And is not a life threatening or my carear or life is going down the drain. Its just a Violin exam. I mean hey.......thats all right.

Maybe is the money factor or maybe is that this is the only thing that i ever felt a passion a drive to learn it with all my heart. I dont know.....but its totally killing me right now.

                       And its not helping my temper or my mood or my sleep Z_Z

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tears are God’s gift to us. Our holy water. They heal us as they flow

             Tears were rolling down my cheeks or maybe they were just ordinary raindrops – I didn’t know and I didn’t care as long as I could run away from that house.

         The streets were empty because of the rain and all I could hear were my own shoes splashing in the pools of water and my own heart beating in my ears.

      I ran and ran until I was out of breath and not a single thought had left in my aching mind. Not a single memory and not a single dream. I was as blank as a piece of paper that is waiting for the writer to turn it into a masterpiece.

   But unlike the paper that is longing for the writer’s fingers I know I’ll never be a masterpiece.

       Sometimes some events or circumstances trigger or make us think of negative things about our self .  And how we cope it defines how we react to things in life. 

    Being sad and crying is a normal way that humans express them-self  but being sad and crying for a long time its not really healthy in a physical and emotional way. Because if you keep wallowing in your sadness and don't reflect and move on . 
   Let the people surround you, people who will always be there. Be it your family, friends, love ones or strangers. 

  Let them show you that these wounds that  you thought  won't  heal, the  pain that is  real. And that there's just too much that time cannot erase.  Cry , and let them wipe away your tears. Show you that life doesnt only offer pain and sadness but the many wonderful  emotion that humans are capable.

 Because like one of the magnificent phenomenon of mother nature.  After the rain, there will always be a rainbow shining  through those dark clouds.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It is you I dream

A flower grows from beneath a blanket
Of fine and purest white
It reaches toward the sun for warmth,
For heat and for the light

My love for you grows stronger still,
Despite the surrounding cold
My heart is yours, bartered gone
For yours has it been sold

Its petals shine from morning dew
Its stem grows stiff and strong
It stands strong through the freezing cold
It stands the winter long

I long for you, for your soft touch
I miss the way you smile
The longer that we stay apart
The longer every mile

The flower stretches through the snow
It reaches toward the sun
And now without you the color is gone
The flower's petals, dull

But as we talk, and as we learn                           
The flower comes back to life
The snow now melts and goes away
As you take away my strife

Spring is here and growth abounds
As you and I are one
We are together, we are in love
The snow for now is done

I see the future, in dreams I have
Of our life, long and true
I see the times where all I need
Are comforting words from you

coping with stress tips

   I am going to LITERALLY (not literally) throw myself under a bus for you. But before we get to the bloods and guts and all that fun stuff, let’s start from the beginning.

    Who out there is stressed out? Now, stress can range from mildly perturbed to blitzed out with clumps of your hair performing a base jump from your head to the floor sans a parachute, but whatever form it may exist in, let’s face it; we all deal with stress on a regular basis.

    Stress comes in many forms. Waking up late for work and rushing to catch the bus, only to have it to pull away as you race to its door. Getting pooped on by a pigeon, spilling coffee all over your new white shirt, and being reamed out by your boss at work for something you may…or may not have…done. Stress is anxiety, is pressure, is tension, is strain is AHHHHHHHHHH . Ok, breathe…

        Unhealthy way to cope stress
this is a list of BAD  ways to cope stress

  • Smoking
  • Drinking too much                                                                    
  • Overeating or under eating
  • Zoning out for hours in front of the TV or computer
  • Withdrawing from friends, family, and activities
  • Using pills or drugs to relax      
  • Sleeping too much
  • Procrastinating
  • Filling up every minute of the day to avoid facing problems
  • Taking out your stress on others (lashing out, angry outbursts, physical violence)

Healthy way to release cope with stress
 heres just some ways to give you all an idea !!

  • Go for a walk.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Call a good friend.
  • Sweat out tension with a good workout.
  • Write in your journal.
  • Take a long bath.
  • Get a stress ball
  • Savor a warm cup of coffee or tea.
  • Play with a pet.
  • Work in your garden.
  • Get a massage.
  • Curl up with a good book.
  • Listen to music.
  • Watch a comedy

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dare to dream

Even though you think your alone, threes always people unknowingly nudging you to a greater path

Have you ever felt your alone?? No one understand you. I'm one of those people, I always believe my life is just terrible. But now I see actually my life is pretty good , I live a really good life .
   Maybe its because of puberty. Where teachers and psychologist say we will be more moody and emotional unstable.  It might be that but I know its the fact that I doubt of my cappibilities.

       Even  though with those doubts, I subconscious know that special people in life help me nudge me to a greater future. I really want to let everyone know there's always someone there for you , be it your parents, brothers or sister, friends or maybe pets.

   I dare you all to dream the impossible but I think if you can imagine it. It doesn't mean is impossible  its just us means we have to work hard for it.  

Thursday, September 16, 2010


what is confidence all about? ..........
A hypothetical situation where 20 CEOs from different countries board an airplane and are told that the flight that they are about to take is the first-ever to feature pilotless technology: It is an uncrewed aircraft.

Each one of the CEOs is then told, privately, that their company's software is running the aircraft's automatic pilot system.

Nineteen of the CEOs promptly leave the aircraft, each offering a different type of excuse. The Malaysian CEO alone remains on board the jet, seeming very calm indeed.
Asked why he is so confident in this first uncrewed flight, he replies:
"If it is the same software that’s developed by my company's IT systems department, this plane won't even take off!"
..That is Confidence!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

friendly touch ( poetry)

Daunting is the dark,
As is the heart of an unconscious skylark.
Darkness is a cloud of plight,
Increasing despair, decreasing light.
Death by poison, death by hunger,
Lost hearts and souls in blackness plunder.
Suddenly, hope pierces despair,
Kind stops cruel, good beats evil, none unfair.
And then the darkness coughs and splutters.
Like morning light seeping through the open shutters.
A friendly touch is all you need.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poem Christ

 Is this how it suppose to be ?

With every passing moment, I,
Raised by my God only to die,
Extend my love as far as the eye
Can see.

And from the dark of death, to me,
My Father called me back happily,
And rose up to life again to see
What I had done.

And looking up into the Sun,
Now smiling with everyone,
I prayed that I would soon become

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lest we forgot

                                             Not everything is there for all eternity.....
                            (     This is true because people learn , grow and they change. )

          I always ponder about life after death. If there's such thing as a heaven or hell. Since I'm raise as a Catholic, I was thought to believe about our almighty god Jesus always(  loving and forgiving)  and the fallen angel Satan ( decisive and evil) .
            Doesn't it sound cliche. Evil( Satan)  vs Good ( Jesus) . But this is not a movie we are talking about, its a believe we Catholic and many religion believe in a way about if you done many good deeds and forgive the sins that others done to you. You go to heaven and vise versa.
           Even though I have doubts about this life after death. I just ask this question because Im curious .Because scientist today still not sure if this speculation or theory that theres really life after death or maybe a god ( but that's another story).
              This pondering of a question  that we will not get an answer unless we die but than isn't it to late?? Even after this type of thinking, we wish just to resume to normal life. While remembering the love ones that might not be with us .
               I wish to commenmarate this post to those who die love ones in  the 9 11 atack but also to those who lost love ones every where in the world.
                    Lest we forgot

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Expectation its either bad or good

  In life, you have expectations of yourself  and everyone probably has expectation in you. Most people believe that expectation is good for you because it challenge you and it give you a goal to work for it. But how about the minority of the other people ,people like me??
     I don't have any expectation because I guess I loathe it. Other people in my life, has expectation in me even though they say you can do whatever you want to. Maybe the reason why I hate it because I don't have self confidence in myself.
    Now that I think of it, subconsciously I am comparing myself to other people that is better at that thing. Or maybe is just an excuse to take the easy way out of a great future and just dump it for a not promising  years to come ahead.
      But whatever Im doing, do not be like me.  Because its just so pitiful that  I'm being an ungrateful person for my dad and mom that sacrifice them self for my education.Or maybe in reality , maybe just maybe I'm scared that if I try to do something. I might fail my parents. 

    *sigh* Just wish sometimes there's a pause button in life. So I can think a way out of this dilemma in my life.
                               ( but that is not fun isn't it?? )

Monday, September 6, 2010

A new chapter

Our achivement, happiness, sadness and dissapoinment. Makes us who we are standing right now.
Sometimes we hate to embrace this change but majority of the people change without even knowing.
Thats what I like about life. We are constantly changing even as I speak but even though this change is nothing to be afraid. We all need to always remember our past and respect for making us who we are.

So this is a new chapter of my blog " Colors of life" . Hope you all enjoy