Friday, March 16, 2012

Acceptance of yourself

TWell I'm gonna start of this post your beautiful.

Who are you?
Well my name is Patricia or also known as trisha asha or my other internet name camerata.

What is this about?
This is a post dedicating to the people I have known that gone through a time. Trouble to accept what they are and deeply traumatised by people who didn't accept other people differences.

Whoever you are, comming out telling people of you being gay, bi , lesbian or transgender. Even though its not hard. I mean there is trouble depending. It's just that we well use to live in a society where they are narrow minded, it is still kinda is but time has change.

I want to know it's okay. Even though you might get bully, whever it be physical or verbally. I want to give a hearfelt sorry if that ever happen to you. I know it can be tough because I have friends that confide in me telling of things that people did to them and how it scared the shit out of them.

However never give up, if your parents may not be accepting, there will always be friends out there. Either real life or online friends. I know you might think you serious , online friends?

Yes, I am serious online friends are still people. There are people out in this 7 billion populated world that understands you give you a sense of acceptance. One of the couple of people I met online had different set of problems that came to open out to me.

Problems ranging from relationship problems, heart break, death and theier preference of sexuality. The stories I have heard from this people torn me. I always wish that I would able to give those people a real big hug and comfort them but all I can give them is my open ear and words that hopefully soothe them.

After reading this, some might be daunted but no. Don't fear, never fear. You are perferct just the way you are and you are beautiful. 

To those wonderful people out there, ever need someone look around. There's people out there willing to lend to reach out a hand to help you.

Sincerly from me to  you all.

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