Sunday, July 24, 2011

Forget your fairytales

 When we are young, we believe life is one big fairytale. We don't think anything bad can happen to us because they'll always be someone there to protect us , to defend us. We also  believe that we  might grow to be princess, wizards or kings.

As we grow up, we realize that life's not so simple. That mommy and daddy won't always be there , and sometimes we need to sallow away our fears and take what comes. We realize that in order to have a happy ending we must work for it , because nothing comes without a price.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Living with the choices we make is never easy

Credicted: Patricia Lim aka me ;) 
 Life doesn't always work out the way we expect , and than again , sometimes it does. Does it work out we expected because we make it happen ? Or does it happen because we are to scared to try to walk the path which God prepared for us ?  Ask yourself : When doors open do you walk through them ? Or do you past them by content with your current path? Do you do the will of God ? Or do we exist knowing we may love god , but we allowed fear to overtake our life's so we don't follow the plan he had for us .

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dedication to an awesome friend

  To my dearest friend for making our time awesome and bringing joy with my dull existence ;)
, and even though our memories were short lifted.
We have our ups and down but in the end we all had our last laguh
                                       ~    Hope you all the best in your studies and in life ~
                                                  ( His the one that recommend many cool songs )

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Never underestimate common objects

   I'm quite awe by how everyday household objects ( well except cola since I love drinking water xD ). You are able to make a successful battery that make your LED light O_O  ( stands for light emitting diode) .   You need the following items cola or in American terms coke  , coins , a cup with salt and aluminum foil .  It will work  
probably about 2 volts and only a few milliamps, but its still can't pass those companies that sell batteries commercially ( obviously )
Credicted to 99media
  I heard there's  another method which uses lemon to make the batteries.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Futuristic batteries ( Physics)

     What prompt me to do this because the last couple of weeks, I was either making batteries or building a complicated series of circuit to finish my semester worth of work in science.

  Well 100 years ago ,Thomas  Edison and Henry ford  make a bet how the would  cars evolve in the future . Thomas Edison that the electric car and he invented and pioneer inventions of batteries but  Ford disagree and said it was gonna be fossil fuel or gasoline.
    And everybody know who won . But now who will win in the future ??

    Gasoline, in some sense is concentrated sunlight time probably at the dinosaurs age ( process that takes millions of years) . Per kilogram the how many joules per gasoline is much larger than the energy content of a battery .

  So it takes a large battery to compensate the energy contain in gasoline. Which is quite efficient even though it pollute like hell . Thats why there should be a new generation of batteries.
   Some scientist believe nano-battery may be the future . It turns out if you wanna store energy. You can store energy in parallel plates call capacitors. Plates can be make extremely thin as thin as molecules. So in principal you may be aloud to store enormous amount of energy in carbon nano fibers and plates call graphin .
Thats why they believe nano technology might be able to make super charge battery. But not yet because there's much to investigate and learn about nano technology. So right now, though luck for gasoline is still the efficient source of fuel ( but hard for the environment)