Thursday, March 29, 2012

One direction, its going into one direction right?

   It's been bugging me for weeks of how when I'm walking through the corridors of school. Girls was crying and squeeling. Yelling the same thing. ONE DIRECTION and obviously something about hot, awesome, i want them..and other phrases that sounds kinda abnormal. ( like boardeline kidnapping/stalkerish abnormal)
Courtesy to the band members and whoever
photoshop this photos?
Really, really weird. So asking my good old friends and asking whaats all the fuss about. They gladly fill in who, what, where they are. They even know thier favourite colors and school that one direction members went. I'm really shock that how this people know all this information well , probably from tabloids.
Despite might apparently lack of catching up with the trend.I still wish a congratulation anda  good job in Xfactor for them. Due to that they have probably rock the world of the girls I guess with thier songs and espeacilly  " What makes you beautiful".

Since after learning how to recognize them and thier song. I wonder if I'm one of the hoards of hormonal teenage girls and woman out there crazy about them ? ( guess i shouldnt put hormonal ...oppsie)

Well to end this wonderful and insigitful post. Guess I'm gonna go actually listen the folder of songs sung by them. Obviously courtesy of my friends. To all you one directioners ( is that even righ? )  Don't give them too much hell, and go rock thier world. :)

by cutie dog

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