Monday, April 30, 2012

Mothers Birthday

This is a really really late post since my mothers birthday was last friday. But still better do it than none.
So happy belated birthday to my beautiful and wonderful mother. Because in every great man success is the work of a woman.
That woman could be your wife, girlfriend, mother or maybe your sister. Whoever it is, be greateful of the sacrifise and the motivation they did to you.

So to you all have fun and god bless.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Home Economics Test for a newbie

Hello, fellow readers :)
So this semester of course work, on an impulse I decided to take a so call " creative" subject. I ditch my media work, I.T. and science for this semester and go for a more diversify curiculam. I went from slaving away doing research, making games, coding and making films to writing creative stories ( for future refrence in making games) , and home economics.

Home Economics also known as Food technology is a study of making food or planning it. Well I think that is what we learn. As you see a half semester worth of home economics and I still have no clue what I did.  Unfortunately that doeesn't faze me out till the teacher cherily inform my class that we have a test.

So I didn't remember that I have a test till at least right now while I'm writing. I felt like an uh oh moment for I still have yet to write finish my creative pieces and I have a freaking whole semester worth of test.

Officialy freaking out here, but no worry to everyone. I vaguely remember of the things we should know about cooking. Example washing the dishes, handling of food, and something to do nutrition. Unless it's something to do with food planning and what flavour compliment.

Note to everyone, never EVER take a subject that you've attempt before. For it's such a pain. I don't really need a fail in my reports. But maybe it's worth while for all the things I learn to cook and the memories. It is probably the best experience.

Friday, April 20, 2012

4 truth you will encounter

When things get tough, stay strong. Don't lose hope, even if people give
                                  up on


 Some things just happen, join the ride if you think it mght be fun but when things get dangerous.

Out yourself, fight. Don't let it suck you in or what you might find is just a lonely figure with the feeling of helplessness.

 There's never a straight-forward road. It takes many turns, back-tracking to find the right
route.But when you reach your destination it worth it for all
the hardship you've been through.

 You are your own master. You have the power to do whatever you please, to  do good or evil. To spread wisdom or idiotic laughter through people. For life is just a grand invisible stage where you are the star. To shine on the stage or the creator in the background.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What to do when your in a different country

Travelling another country or maybe another continent? Alone or with a group, no worries. Travelling can be tough and terrible but if you are prepare or have a happy-go-lucky personaility than your set. Well before that just glance through the check list.

So your in a different country and you have no clue what they offer.

Obviously 1st get your accomadation, and I seriously recommand it. For once when I went travelling with no prior infomation ( coz im lazy ^^) . Stupidly can't find any accomadation that didn't majorly rip me off *heart break*

2nd don't go to a country that the main language you speak is not theirs too unless you have at least some basic understand of their culture and custom. 

3rd  Talk to the locals if you can communicate with them or just go do some research before you go. Best place to actually find gossip or learn anything intresting is in a tavern/ pub/ bar. This is also a major benifit since the locals know the best food well unless they're hammer than best to leave them be :)

4th - This is majorly important if your going to religious sites . DO READ  or you might get jail or bash up by people . And it's no jokes.
If your visiting any religious country or any religious sites please just wear decent clothes. Don't go wear your cocktaile dresses or a singlet that shows too much flesh. Wear clothes that cover well most things.  The reason for this my friend got fine when he went to turkey visitng some places for not wearign appropiate clothes.

5th Lucky Last
Buy yourself souvenior obviously silly people. :P  This is a must if you have friends, family or just crazy people that will sulk or cry their hearts out not bringing something back from your visit. Go bargain if it's like a market or some sort because most country espeacily those tourist hot spot markets always and I mean ALWAYS try to rip you off. Most espeacilly countries in Asia.

I was almost cheated two times and those vendors try to swinder my money. So guys shop safely and before I forget do keep your money, passport safely. And don't let your personal belongings taken by theifs or gypsy.

So happy travelling and remember this 5 tips. Since I'm feeling shamless come to AUSTRALIA. We'r  quite an honest bunch here :D

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Aprils FOOL

lol , to people that haven't seen this joke by Google. This is quite hilarious and evidently idiotic
Have a good day too you people cheers :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Break

Too bad for me I went to watch this alone ><
 Obviously with all the post I've been posting, it means I'm on my Easter Break. YEAH, PARTY PARTY  -_- jks

 My friends ditch me for sunny Cairns, lakes and many parts of the country. Those ditcher, so I gotta entertain my old dull life with movies. Yup, I've been catching up some movie watching time. And the movies of the day were Hungry...wait I mean Hunger Games and Woman in Black.  Also known by the following titles in German Die Frau In Schwarz   and Die Tribute Von Panem.

In the movie this line keep irratating me :(
Anywho, why I put the title name in German is due to the fact I watch in German duh and in english for hunger games.  So be proud of me people of Germany, I sit though the movie for Woman in Black in German  actually knowing what the heck it happen. It actually scared the shucks out of me and it's kinda hilarious after seeing harry ( Daniel Radcliffe ) coz I was yelling to the screen " WHERES YOUR WAND?!!!!"

To all readers, I recommend Woman in Black just cause it was better than what I expected. Hunger games due to all the hypness ( thought it was gonna be mind blowing ) but sadly it just did ok.

p.s. I don't really know how to speak German

This is me while watching woman in black

p.p.s  Hope you all have fun watching movies or whatever you doing this break.
this is me like the whole part of the movie and the end