Thursday, March 24, 2011


Tsunami , one of the most lethal weapon that mother nature can throw to us . Haven't experience one first hand but from images boxing day tsunami , japan etc etc . I saw from media the devastating effect in can throw one person in that situation forever.

  Cause  :   Trauma
                  Love ones wash away , destroy lifes
                  wash away property
                  wash away pets
Effect :  trauma
            Financial Burden
            Lost friends , family, relatives etc etc

      So to all the people that ever experience this horrific event. I send my consolidation and may god protect you.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Electric Violin ~

  I got to use the electric violin today -^^-

 It was just so awesome. I'm so happy but the downside is...the power wasn't plug in so it was kinda soft but manageable. Well hope I got more chances using the electric violin in orchestra 

               love violin addict patricia XD

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Natural Phenomenon ( Brightest Moon Saturday) Astronomy

   Look up to the sky!!!   You'll see the moon at is brightest point in two decades.

      The moon is expected to be so bright that some sky watchers have dubbed it a "supermoon." Not only is it a full moon, but the moon is very near to perigee, the point in its orbit that is closest to Earth.
   The moon will be 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the usual full moons that are further from earth tend to appear. 

     Although perigee brings the moon 31,000 miles closer to Earth than when the moon is its farthest point from the earth -- apogee -- it still will be 221,000 miles away on Saturday night, according to NASA. 

                         So look out from your window or maybe go out and enjoy this spectacular view 
                                                                 that god give us . :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

flip side

 Hate that time of the year , where major assignments and projects are due .

Homework should be banned !! 

   How ironic i' m also doing a debate about homework should be banned and right now I'm  the negative team =-=   So I have to disagree that homework is the most essential part in a student life . XD
      Well beside that , I have 2 history assignment due. This is where major marks play big role in my result. For one of the assignment , I am researching about an aspect of the Viking era. I have to make a 3D model , powerpoint , and give a presentation about it . 

    The second assignment, is a cold case of the death of the Royal English prince mysterious dissaparence . Im suppose to write a report, about the motive , the evidance , and why Im accusing of the suspect . X-X

   well , beside that assignment , I also have a cultral assignment of researching and presenting to my class of 2 tradational japanese sport and hobbies. 

   Just remember I have to finish my Science report too. 

   To all of u , hope u dont have as much as work as I have. and have fun :)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Angel in ma pocket

There's an angel in my pocket
She is watching over me.
She's with me day and night
And reminds me that I'm free.
I tell her all my secrets
She tells me all of her's.
I know that I am safe
For I always feel secure.
My friends start to ignore me
My parents don't understand.
But when I'm with my angel
I remember I've my own land.

so dear angel, i thank you for being there  

  love : Patricia Lim , your human ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

God Protect You

   Whenever I go , news of Japan earthquake and tsunami is making people restless.   Well , right now I wanna pray to all my fellow Japanese people that you are NOT alone.

    So may god bless you, protect you guys.  To my friends, I hope you guys are ok and your relative are well .

                                                                                                      Sincerly : Patricia Lim