Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anorexia is the new in

To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, its society who’s ugly.- Marilyn Monroe

I have been called fat, weirdo, cold, different etc. I have reason to believe, people are never happy no matter what when it comes to self image. I do not get why people spend thousand of dollars just getting plastic surgery and makeup. 

Is it so hard to understand, that being skinny does not mean you are beautiful. There are two types of beauty: inner and outer. I'm horrified of what I am hearing in my circle of friends. Friends that are beautiful in each of their respect, but no matter what, they always whine and complain of their "faults". 

Who cares you are somehow fat, skinny, curvy, a freaking stick. It is our life to live. Do not let people label us-ridicule us, for you are the most beautiful person- and I vouch those people bullying you are just self conscious of them self too. 

You are beautiful.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Most Awkward Place EVER

  The most awkward places ever; will be the elevator. When you get in an elevator, you are trap.And there is usually one person in there, both of us hanging to the side. The silence that engulfed the elevator, while awkwardly standing in our little corner. Especially someone accidently farts in the elevator.

The other awkward place is the dentist. Obviously how could a trip to the dentist be awkward? How wrong can it get. When a dentist digs around your mouth and ask questions about your life and probably waiting for your answer. When finally you decides to answer, the dentist lecture you ,that you should stop moving your mouth. 

Always keep your head up and run
Furthermore, one of the awkward places is church. I'm a born and raise Catholic, so I am expected to go church every sunday morning. Unfortunately once a while, I step into church one or two minutes late. That is when things get really awkward. First, people stare at you when you come in late. Secondly, the awkward scramble to find an open seat while trying to reach the seat by passing people sitting. They do know how to death stare .

Lastly one of the awkward places is first day of school. Especially summer break, when you promise that one kid that you hang out with him or her. But somehow never did got to meet. Do expect some death glares and unhappy smile directed to you.

There are more awkward places that I would like to share but that will a story for another day. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Asian Dramas

For all Asian children, somehow they are brought up without knowing that they are influence by dramas. Well maybe it's just me. Unlike all other teenager, I never go out of my way just to watch the latest hot drama airing in Korea, Japan or Taiwan and China. ( I won't classify Taiwan with China because my Taiwanese friends will skewer me >< )

Anyways, for me the sweetest memories about the art of watching drama only affect me  the past few years. The only one in my family that watches these dramas is my mom. Her choices of drama, fill me up with pride, because her taste of drama is superb. It is hip and current; she also watches drama that has good plots, good characters and definitely the couple of hot "people."

So it is  place dearly in my heart, Asian drama somehow brings people together; in my case.I hope all new or old drama watchers could also enjoy this glory art form. Bring on the tissues and funny jokes.

p.s. I love you mom <3
Anyways here is some good sites to watch drama : ( English subs, unfortunately I cannot find raws that does not affect your computer with virus) ( Quite a limited amount but some has good quality subs )


Friday, August 17, 2012

Expection is good or bad ? v2

My dear readers, I know this post might leave you confuse because I wrote about this topic either a year ago or two. However event though I shed my views on this in the past- had not an incident that trigger my reflection on this topic. I would still be the same naive child.

Expectations,  humans do not shy away from this because it is  expected to have expectations. I know now no matter how we debate this age old topic-there will and always will be part of our lives. So sorry readers, you would not find me degrading or praising expectations for we are our own master of faith.

Unfortunately, I discovered the dark side of expectations while eating my dinner ( true man/woman ponder philosophical questions while eating) .  I have never thought the people involved in expectations either direct or indirect.

Remainder of these hallow feeling, slowly  I felt  like I am being pulled down into the dark abyss. I just feel so tired  useless and somehow expecting it. How ironic right? These dark feelings surging; any moment I am going to cry my heart out, yelling.

If the person themselves feel this sad feeling. Have we thought of the people that place the expectation on us? How heartbreaking it was for them. It terrifies me of these seemly innocent  feeling of wanting looms us.How it would break our hearts in just a life changing moment.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Wait­ing for the peo­ple, who know what re­al truth is, is like wait­ing for a moun­tain to crum­ble and fall. The wind and rain may take ages for it to hap­pen. The one true hope is know­ing that it will. No mat­ter how long the wait, truth pre­vails.