Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Genetic Engineering ( Biotechnolygy)

   This is not a new subject in our society. Genetic Engineering has been contributing to human welfare  especially in areas like Medicine, Agriculture and Industries.

Application  in Agriculture :  disease resistance , breeding and
Application in Medicine : nutritional supplements, xenotransplantation

Even though the benefits it brings to human society. Majority of the people is concern of the effects by using  this kind of technolygy.

Concerning  areas : Health,  Animals or Human rights ,  Change direction of Evolution( consequence of tempering nature)  

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Music Night

So nervous, but im into it =D  
            Its been a busy week at school with test, sports practice etc etc. We year 7 music students made  a concert to present it to parents.

           Surprisingly I got to do a solo piece..and you know what. I was the first soloist to played . So armed with my weapon aka violin . I played my heart out with the song Humoresque by: A. Dvorak also with a talented pianist Ms. Morris ( Music teacher that I never knew X_X)

     I was so NERVOUS but with the support from my mom =) , my friends swaying with the music  and a really kick ass pianist. The music director told me that I played beautifully and really calm.

   Well, the rest of the night was just awe struck. Too bad I don't have  video of that performance  =(   And to my follow friends that played  so beautifully . 


     Well, my first year of High School. I got so much wonderful memories .
Shouts Out: YEAR 7 2010 BSC  IS AWESOME
friend that play trumpet haha..he went red in the end

Playing Chim Chim chere ensemble