About Me

  Hi, I'm Patricia.

Heres 10 things you need to know about me
1)  I have no clue what to write about me....so  whatever I  type hope it gives you all   an idea what type of             person I am. 

2) I have an interest in broad range of topics ( be it sport, science, environment, I.T., games ,Music , people etc) 

3) I'm a firm believer of free-will and doing what you believe is right and what you like to do. 

4)  Nothing limits my creativeness, well except maybe when Im underwater ( i can't swim to save my life) 

5) I love my family . ( well coz thier a cool bunch of people and blood runs thicker than water )^ _^

6)  Born and raise as a Catholic ( Amen to that) 

7)  As you might see , Im quite a colorful person 

8) I have dreams to travel ..._--------^^^^ to great HEIGHTS. 

9) The reason I start doing this is to experiment and help my sister make tabs for her blog. 

10)  Everyone is entitle to thier opinion but I hate people that try to force thier ideas on to you :( 

Well thats a new learning experience , hope its not that akward xD