Sunday, January 1, 2012

Take note

            To all my readers, I won't be online for a month or more due to I'm going overseas to visit my relatives. Since I'm going to celebrate Chinese new year and it will be like 4 years since I last celebrated with them .


       So packing my bag, and taking my violin. I will be away and hopefully I gotta make more memories for the last 4 years of my absence.

        P.S. don't worry  I'll be playing my violin around but hopefully the weather  haven't make my violin out of tune or not >>_<<

won't be here to greet you all  facebook team


         Happy new year fellow people of Earth :D

      Yet again a year has pass in a blink an eye and hope to all readers have a great new year. And that they have the most prosperous year ahead of them .

   I wish you all no matter what happen all your dreams will come true. And to some fellow readers having sickness going ahead this new year. May you get healthy and lively again. 

           Don't forget hope and dreams will prevail . God bless