Sunday, February 26, 2012


       Don't wait for miracles, your whole life is a miracle. 

            I was part of a tactical unit back when I was in the army . The job that I did was not the glamorous one where you usually see in movies and TV. I'm disappointed in myself for the things that I have done and saddest of all my country thought I'm a hero. 

        It was unfortunate I went against the words of my parents and run to join the army. Thinking I could grasp the situation and to find a solution to solve it . The situation that I was shown was hellish.And the answer to the problem can't  be fixed for we all have gone to far in hating each other.  No matter who your fighting, in the end NO ONE will  win a war.  

          The missions that I partake are all classified mission that I'm under the contract not to say anything. Through the things that I have done and seen what I can tell you  the biggest mistake of being human are our  nature to be greedy, thinking we're self important , jealousy and worst of all to proud for our damn good.

             I'm sorry to those that lost their lives in a war. Nothing can replace your love one.  Nothing can replace the nightmare that I have been expose to and done to you all.  What I can give you all is just my life repaying back to my comrades, enemy and my country of what we humans seem to do wrong  in every turn in history.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Headaches 101 ( Tension Headaches)

                     Every single human being have experience headaches, it is  consider one of the most common problems and annoying ailment  that should be inflicted to humans . There are a number of different types of headache and many different causes, which explains why the condition is so common.


 Anything which stimulates the pain receptors in the head and neck can cause a headache, including:
  • Dental or jaw problems 
  • Injuries to the neck
  •  Eye strain 
  • Muscular Tension
  • High Blood Pressure
  Tension Headaches
 Tension Headaches  is most common type of headache.
  • Feels like a tight band of pressure around the head
  • Often associated with muscle tightness in head, neck or jaw
  • Can be caused by physical or emotional stress
  • Is best treated by making lifestyle adjustments, such as exercise, diet, stress management and attention to posture.
 Remember this

   Headache is a common disorder,most people take painkillers for headache at any given time.

  There are different types of headache and many causes, which explains why the condition is so common.
Types of headache include tension, cluster and migraine.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Forgotten what day it is

         Well  waking up from my sweet dreams,  I woke up to a vision of roses outside my window. The roses warmth up my heart as a melancholic smile reach my face.


              " He did it again" I mused

May our love immortalize till eternity
               Deciding to do my usual rounds at the hospital , checking out my patients. Passing in and out the wards, the scent of roses and chocolates gently reach my nose.  I looked at couples talking animatedly and saw husbands or wife talking to their love ones.

               Than memories flooded my mind how I met him. It was on this day that I met him as one of my patient . It was quite comical how it happened but it was his smile and wicked sense of humor that tug my heartstrings.  I guess its another time of year to celebrate our meeting on this faithful day of love.

              When I am reassured that all my patient is well , I went out to go visit him , my fiance.  Bringing flowers , his favorites roses in red and white. I silently kneel down on the ground placing his favourites upon his grave.


       " Happy Valentines David, its been 3 years since out faithful encounter at my office. Funny thing is if  only you didn't had that tumor probably  we could be happy but if you didn't had it we might  had never meet each other." 

               Words fall on deaf ears as she cried, it was the only time of year where her facade of normalcy doped. Leaving her vulnerable to the numbing pain of loosing her fiance. 

      Silence doesn't anwser 

  Silence doesn't ease the pain


             " I love you , David. "
  Happy Valentines Day to all readers , be it single, marry or in a relationship
                                             for time will come where you'll met your right