Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What money can do

If the world does not uses money and humans do not have the need to horde and be greedy. Will our reality of Earth be different?

While it might be a reality that it is impossible to have. Since without money we as humans being does not have the motivation and the necessity to work. But what if a really big if that humans have the same drive and more kidness in the equation minus the money.

How  will it define our civilaization. Out history will probably change about the evolution of money from the batering system to monetry system.Even though everything change, will this be a step forward for a better civilaization. Where there is peace and no thoughts of making a country powerful and richer but the thoughts of striving to improve the man kind as a whole.

Is this a chance that there will be less suferring across the globe as a whole. What I know is with hardwork and compassion and genorisity can change things.

Although we can't rewrite our physcological behaviours no matter how I wish to. There is a chance that  with time , lesson learn , and people take the initiative to do something.

We will see a better place.