Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Mask

    As I matured , I become more and more aware of the large gap between the way that I felt and the way others around me felt.

   One day, the rabbit that we kept killed in a horrific manner  , some fireworks were placed in its mouth and set off. While everyone else cried, I felt horribly restless fidgeting by myself . Because I wasnt the least bit  sadden  by the death of the rabbit.

    I wonder why, why everyone was crying ? Ahh...I just couldn't understand .

     But if I was the only one wearing a calm expression , then they think I was odd. I had to cry as well . My face was  stiff and I couldn't really cry . What could they do when they find out my tears was fake ? I mustn't raise my head to face them ! everyone is clutching their stomach  and laughing . What so funny I wonder . I don't get it . But if I don't act like them, I will get exiled from the group.
      Must laugh ...have to laugh.... Laugh... No gotta cry ....Supposed to cry......No Im suppose to laugh......... I HAVE TO LAUGH...

     Something so simple , yet I can't do it.

    I'm weird ...I'm abnormal...

       It was as if  I were a black sheep born to live in isolation amongst pure white sheep's. 

     Without enjoying  the same things as my brethen. Nor sorrowing over the same things as they do , nor partaking the same meals , the comforting feelings my companions experience.  Such feelings as love , affection and sympathy were foerign to me and so as a wretch black sheep , the only thing I would do was

  to coat my Black coat in white powder , no choice but to masquerade as a white sheep .

Friday, December 10, 2010


                                                           7 C 2010 rockz

Finish studying !! Yeaahhh...well have to wait 3 more days to school really finish  ;D  and reports will come out too XD not talking about school and studies its all about PARTAY !! :p
Today, we had our end of year class party...sad next year we all might go our seperate way


                                                                 Time is like river
                                                        You cannot touch the same river twice 
                                                Because the flow that passed will never pass again
                                                          Enjoy every moment of life


 dont drink or eat too much soft drinks and junk food or else
you be too hyper or sleepy :D



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 School life

   This year, it has gone so fast. -_-   You know what that means !!!??

   First year in high school, gone. It was the best time of my life but I had yet to experience 5 more years of high school till  my student life is over.   Well beside that, its HOLIDAYS.

         But even the mention of holiday, I still have a sad feeling of the friends, best friend , classmate and teachers I met and have become familiar.  We won't probably have this kind of relationship next year because next year different clasess for different subjects *sigh*

        Well, so Im just gonna cherrish 8 more periods of school time. And 3 days fun time with friends mucking around in school technically MELBOURNE :)  

Adieus pplz ;) 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summers Study

   Summer is here and just 2 more weeks till school end.   I am determine to study my butt of to do an entrance exam for MacRob =_= ""

        Lucky me, from what I read the topics they cover in the test. I have to seriously need to catch up with a lot of things.  Espeacilly maths  , writing and english . You probably notice its technically all the subjects they are testing. So WHAT THE HELL am I doing this entrance exam.

   Well , I wanna get into to this highly acclaimed  school where they have top VCE results in the state. good. With my average brain power and a 100 IQ result. I wanted to make my parents proud and me proud.

  So wish me luck guys !!!!  pray for me too :)