Friday, March 23, 2012

Journal of a rabbit

             I was suprised of how mundane my life had been. The every day routine of awaking, talked, laughed, smile and talking to friends  that I have forgoten the painful things I learned in life.

I wasn't meant, to be happy.

           Lessons I went, the seat that I used to sit, the people that I laugh together. Gone in a blink in an eye. The things that I took granted of, dissapear. It's like the season causing me to feel so cold, lonely and sinking into deep abyss.

          The thing was I think this time, it really gutted my heart to pieces leaving me empty. Gone, people that I thought in the highest regards ignore me like I was just a tiny insect beneath thier shoes. Curshing me, not caring that I was no, AM living.

         Even though it's painful, it will be part of my hopping maybe stumbling life. Events, incidents shook my life , shook it till theres no more hope left that I coud see. This will not be like those soapy sucidal thoughts but the feeling and journal of several insignificant events that just happened.

       Happened that one day it will all be forgotten. The past , current and future generation probably felt hallow maybe felt betryaed. It's part of life, life of our insignificant race. The race of humans that seem to be so cruel yet so beautiful.

Leaving me old and battered, the memories
we had was all for naught

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