Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Most Awkward Place EVER

  The most awkward places ever; will be the elevator. When you get in an elevator, you are trap.And there is usually one person in there, both of us hanging to the side. The silence that engulfed the elevator, while awkwardly standing in our little corner. Especially someone accidently farts in the elevator.

The other awkward place is the dentist. Obviously how could a trip to the dentist be awkward? How wrong can it get. When a dentist digs around your mouth and ask questions about your life and probably waiting for your answer. When finally you decides to answer, the dentist lecture you ,that you should stop moving your mouth. 

Always keep your head up and run
Furthermore, one of the awkward places is church. I'm a born and raise Catholic, so I am expected to go church every sunday morning. Unfortunately once a while, I step into church one or two minutes late. That is when things get really awkward. First, people stare at you when you come in late. Secondly, the awkward scramble to find an open seat while trying to reach the seat by passing people sitting. They do know how to death stare .

Lastly one of the awkward places is first day of school. Especially summer break, when you promise that one kid that you hang out with him or her. But somehow never did got to meet. Do expect some death glares and unhappy smile directed to you.

There are more awkward places that I would like to share but that will a story for another day. 

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