Friday, August 17, 2012

Expection is good or bad ? v2

My dear readers, I know this post might leave you confuse because I wrote about this topic either a year ago or two. However event though I shed my views on this in the past- had not an incident that trigger my reflection on this topic. I would still be the same naive child.

Expectations,  humans do not shy away from this because it is  expected to have expectations. I know now no matter how we debate this age old topic-there will and always will be part of our lives. So sorry readers, you would not find me degrading or praising expectations for we are our own master of faith.

Unfortunately, I discovered the dark side of expectations while eating my dinner ( true man/woman ponder philosophical questions while eating) .  I have never thought the people involved in expectations either direct or indirect.

Remainder of these hallow feeling, slowly  I felt  like I am being pulled down into the dark abyss. I just feel so tired  useless and somehow expecting it. How ironic right? These dark feelings surging; any moment I am going to cry my heart out, yelling.

If the person themselves feel this sad feeling. Have we thought of the people that place the expectation on us? How heartbreaking it was for them. It terrifies me of these seemly innocent  feeling of wanting looms us.How it would break our hearts in just a life changing moment.

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