Sunday, August 26, 2012

Asian Dramas

For all Asian children, somehow they are brought up without knowing that they are influence by dramas. Well maybe it's just me. Unlike all other teenager, I never go out of my way just to watch the latest hot drama airing in Korea, Japan or Taiwan and China. ( I won't classify Taiwan with China because my Taiwanese friends will skewer me >< )

Anyways, for me the sweetest memories about the art of watching drama only affect me  the past few years. The only one in my family that watches these dramas is my mom. Her choices of drama, fill me up with pride, because her taste of drama is superb. It is hip and current; she also watches drama that has good plots, good characters and definitely the couple of hot "people."

So it is  place dearly in my heart, Asian drama somehow brings people together; in my case.I hope all new or old drama watchers could also enjoy this glory art form. Bring on the tissues and funny jokes.

p.s. I love you mom <3
Anyways here is some good sites to watch drama : ( English subs, unfortunately I cannot find raws that does not affect your computer with virus) ( Quite a limited amount but some has good quality subs )


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