Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dare to dream

Even though you think your alone, threes always people unknowingly nudging you to a greater path

Have you ever felt your alone?? No one understand you. I'm one of those people, I always believe my life is just terrible. But now I see actually my life is pretty good , I live a really good life .
   Maybe its because of puberty. Where teachers and psychologist say we will be more moody and emotional unstable.  It might be that but I know its the fact that I doubt of my cappibilities.

       Even  though with those doubts, I subconscious know that special people in life help me nudge me to a greater future. I really want to let everyone know there's always someone there for you , be it your parents, brothers or sister, friends or maybe pets.

   I dare you all to dream the impossible but I think if you can imagine it. It doesn't mean is impossible  its just us means we have to work hard for it.  

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