Friday, October 1, 2010

Tears are God’s gift to us. Our holy water. They heal us as they flow

             Tears were rolling down my cheeks or maybe they were just ordinary raindrops – I didn’t know and I didn’t care as long as I could run away from that house.

         The streets were empty because of the rain and all I could hear were my own shoes splashing in the pools of water and my own heart beating in my ears.

      I ran and ran until I was out of breath and not a single thought had left in my aching mind. Not a single memory and not a single dream. I was as blank as a piece of paper that is waiting for the writer to turn it into a masterpiece.

   But unlike the paper that is longing for the writer’s fingers I know I’ll never be a masterpiece.

       Sometimes some events or circumstances trigger or make us think of negative things about our self .  And how we cope it defines how we react to things in life. 

    Being sad and crying is a normal way that humans express them-self  but being sad and crying for a long time its not really healthy in a physical and emotional way. Because if you keep wallowing in your sadness and don't reflect and move on . 
   Let the people surround you, people who will always be there. Be it your family, friends, love ones or strangers. 

  Let them show you that these wounds that  you thought  won't  heal, the  pain that is  real. And that there's just too much that time cannot erase.  Cry , and let them wipe away your tears. Show you that life doesnt only offer pain and sadness but the many wonderful  emotion that humans are capable.

 Because like one of the magnificent phenomenon of mother nature.  After the rain, there will always be a rainbow shining  through those dark clouds.

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