Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lest we forgot

                                             Not everything is there for all eternity.....
                            (     This is true because people learn , grow and they change. )

          I always ponder about life after death. If there's such thing as a heaven or hell. Since I'm raise as a Catholic, I was thought to believe about our almighty god Jesus always(  loving and forgiving)  and the fallen angel Satan ( decisive and evil) .
            Doesn't it sound cliche. Evil( Satan)  vs Good ( Jesus) . But this is not a movie we are talking about, its a believe we Catholic and many religion believe in a way about if you done many good deeds and forgive the sins that others done to you. You go to heaven and vise versa.
           Even though I have doubts about this life after death. I just ask this question because Im curious .Because scientist today still not sure if this speculation or theory that theres really life after death or maybe a god ( but that's another story).
              This pondering of a question  that we will not get an answer unless we die but than isn't it to late?? Even after this type of thinking, we wish just to resume to normal life. While remembering the love ones that might not be with us .
               I wish to commenmarate this post to those who die love ones in  the 9 11 atack but also to those who lost love ones every where in the world.
                    Lest we forgot

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