Friday, May 3, 2013

Essay ( Language Analysis)

       The one thing in life that everyones hate or fear : ESSAY!!!!!

        Sadly, we have to suck it up and just write it. As an old proverb says the pen is mightier than the sword. We have to come together and pray for great marks in our exams.

   Today, I will explain the structure of Language Analysis Essay. To my dear American viewers, this would not be the same as AP English Analysis structure c: ( Good luck and probably find another website?)

    Alright first thing is the introduction which I would like to call the info loader.

    In the introduction one must put : writer name, contention of the article, the source,target audience,  the form and the tone if you have the time . Easy right?

     Here's an example of an introduction to one of the article that was used in an analysis examination.

   This is an example of a mid-range introduction:
          In the Herald Sun editorial piece, Bill O'Connell wrote in conviction that pit bulls should be ban. The writer aimed to express to adults that this issue should be address and not let "pit bulls remain free to create havoc".

 Try doing the introduction before attempting the rest of the structures. For practice makes writing perfect.

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