Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The beauty of Time

  Picking up the curse of an excuse of a textbook. I just realize something phenomenal, flicking through two years ago  hellish subject. Maths Methods.

   For a junior like me back then, things wasn't as dandy as the smartest crayon in the crayola pack. I was unfortunately the dumbest of all. You might think, that I'm doing three years my senior subject, that is pretty remarkable. That I would have a superior intelligence.

   Sadly, you all are wrong. There were many that was the same age as me but smarter, brighter and prettier. Yes, I was pretty hung up of how unfair god created us humans.  But Amen to God, that's a post for another day.

   Well with today, I decided to open the textbook and mind blowingly I CAN DO IT ALL. EUREKA. All the topics was easy as pie. 3.14...yeah actually lets use another example ...erm easy as ABC :D

  So lesson of the day, eat your pie. You may never know when you need it.

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