Tuesday, February 26, 2013

English Critique

I discovered that writing could be just as difficult in an elegant writer's office as in a crowded small apartment.  I had many critics throughout the course of my life. They come along and judge : appearance, behavior, friends , attitude, intelligence but the worst of all English.

I always have great faith in my English literacy skills however I was proven wrong countless time. It saddens me and my mistake keep repeating itself. That I wonder if I am trying hard to improve my skills?

Sadly, the most common mistake is the deadliest. My pet peeve in English is the almighty TENSES!

I abhor it so much that all my fellow readers probably notice the incorrect grammar throughout my posts. No matter how much I pay for tuition or classes for English. It keeps popping up that marks my failure as an English student.

Well, I want to say I wish for critics to post a comment. I do want to learn and improve and not let anyone suffer through my terrible grammar :D

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