Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What to do when your in a different country

Travelling another country or maybe another continent? Alone or with a group, no worries. Travelling can be tough and terrible but if you are prepare or have a happy-go-lucky personaility than your set. Well before that just glance through the check list.

So your in a different country and you have no clue what they offer.

Obviously 1st get your accomadation, and I seriously recommand it. For once when I went travelling with no prior infomation ( coz im lazy ^^) . Stupidly can't find any accomadation that didn't majorly rip me off *heart break*

2nd don't go to a country that the main language you speak is not theirs too unless you have at least some basic understand of their culture and custom. 

3rd  Talk to the locals if you can communicate with them or just go do some research before you go. Best place to actually find gossip or learn anything intresting is in a tavern/ pub/ bar. This is also a major benifit since the locals know the best food well unless they're hammer than best to leave them be :)

4th - This is majorly important if your going to religious sites . DO READ  or you might get jail or bash up by people . And it's no jokes.
If your visiting any religious country or any religious sites please just wear decent clothes. Don't go wear your cocktaile dresses or a singlet that shows too much flesh. Wear clothes that cover well most things.  The reason for this my friend got fine when he went to turkey visitng some places for not wearign appropiate clothes.

5th Lucky Last
Buy yourself souvenior obviously silly people. :P  This is a must if you have friends, family or just crazy people that will sulk or cry their hearts out not bringing something back from your visit. Go bargain if it's like a market or some sort because most country espeacily those tourist hot spot markets always and I mean ALWAYS try to rip you off. Most espeacilly countries in Asia.

I was almost cheated two times and those vendors try to swinder my money. So guys shop safely and before I forget do keep your money, passport safely. And don't let your personal belongings taken by theifs or gypsy.

So happy travelling and remember this 5 tips. Since I'm feeling shamless come to AUSTRALIA. We'r  quite an honest bunch here :D

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