Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Break

Too bad for me I went to watch this alone ><
 Obviously with all the post I've been posting, it means I'm on my Easter Break. YEAH, PARTY PARTY  -_- jks

 My friends ditch me for sunny Cairns, lakes and many parts of the country. Those ditcher, so I gotta entertain my old dull life with movies. Yup, I've been catching up some movie watching time. And the movies of the day were Hungry...wait I mean Hunger Games and Woman in Black.  Also known by the following titles in German Die Frau In Schwarz   and Die Tribute Von Panem.

In the movie this line keep irratating me :(
Anywho, why I put the title name in German is due to the fact I watch in German duh and in english for hunger games.  So be proud of me people of Germany, I sit though the movie for Woman in Black in German  actually knowing what the heck it happen. It actually scared the shucks out of me and it's kinda hilarious after seeing harry ( Daniel Radcliffe ) coz I was yelling to the screen " WHERES YOUR WAND?!!!!"

To all readers, I recommend Woman in Black just cause it was better than what I expected. Hunger games due to all the hypness ( thought it was gonna be mind blowing ) but sadly it just did ok.

p.s. I don't really know how to speak German

This is me while watching woman in black

p.p.s  Hope you all have fun watching movies or whatever you doing this break.
this is me like the whole part of the movie and the end

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I love your blog so much.
Oh yea, and woman in black is da bomnb. me and my friends was like you shouting in the cinema and saying that the woman is voldemort sister getting revenge on harry :)

xoxo ( keep writing )
oh and fan from FRANCE