Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Home Economics Test for a newbie

Hello, fellow readers :)
So this semester of course work, on an impulse I decided to take a so call " creative" subject. I ditch my media work, I.T. and science for this semester and go for a more diversify curiculam. I went from slaving away doing research, making games, coding and making films to writing creative stories ( for future refrence in making games) , and home economics.

Home Economics also known as Food technology is a study of making food or planning it. Well I think that is what we learn. As you see a half semester worth of home economics and I still have no clue what I did.  Unfortunately that doeesn't faze me out till the teacher cherily inform my class that we have a test.

So I didn't remember that I have a test till at least right now while I'm writing. I felt like an uh oh moment for I still have yet to write finish my creative pieces and I have a freaking whole semester worth of test.

Officialy freaking out here, but no worry to everyone. I vaguely remember of the things we should know about cooking. Example washing the dishes, handling of food, and something to do nutrition. Unless it's something to do with food planning and what flavour compliment.

Note to everyone, never EVER take a subject that you've attempt before. For it's such a pain. I don't really need a fail in my reports. But maybe it's worth while for all the things I learn to cook and the memories. It is probably the best experience.

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