Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunshine to my eyes

  I don't know why they call it heartbreak.  It feels like every other part of my 
              body is broken  too.


             The pressure to succeed is always there. The pain of failures are always there waiting to collapse on my shoulder and that happen  on the Spring of my 19th birthday. It was one of those days where life just past by slowly until I met her .......

                   I was walking through a small cafe at Oxford Street  ,waiting for my mates.  That's where I met her. She's the most gorgeous girl that I ever seen , well more like a Madonna. Her glossy black hair shining under the spring sun with a gentle breeze sweeping her hair to the side letting me admire her beautiful hazel eyes.  At that moment, I know the true meaning of love at first side .


                            Before I knew it my mind its screaming " the one" . 

                I was going up to her  when one my best friend wrapped his hand over her and kissing " my Madonna" on her cheek.  My hand became clamy. The once gentle breeze  becomes quite chilly. Chilling my heart. My thoughts racing in my head trying to find a logical explanaition. 

                   " Happy Birthday, mate. It's been so long.  Meet Jessica, she my girlfriend. "
              " Happy Birthday, Liam. I heard many great things about you. " her warm smile seem like sunshine to my eyes.

                  I was stunned  by the news and it numb my head. " Get yourself together, Liam. Answer you bloody idiot." Thats when I know life is just a twisted game.



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