Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Earthquake 19th of June 2012

Newsflash, awesome internet peeps. If your newsfeed on facebook, Twitter, Tumblr is not bombarded with Earthquake post. Well you are hiding in a rock.

Well, I'm so fascinated of how fast social media can inform people. To confirm or to deny. The power of technology. 

Yes, I did join the kahooz and wrote  a post myself confirming if the 20 second strong shake wasn't all in my head. Trying to find information after that, no official report until I search up the government geo science site. Trying to click on it but it keeps saying internet connection off for that site.

It's either my connection which undoubtly not or the government site is terrible. Well I do LOVE YOU, AUSTRALIA <3<3. But I want the cause and the magnitude. Which from tid bits of uncofirmed information is a magnitude of 5  and probably the whole of Melbourne, Victoria felt it.

So goodbye people, stay safe. Do remember this is 2012.

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