Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One bad experience

  Usually my suburb and my home is a typical , quite place like most part of the world. Well unfortunately it wasn't the case last week. Something unfortunate had strike my  community and my home.

     Just  around 500 m away from my house, some part of the primary school building got burned down. Firetrucks, police and news-reporter were at the front of the primary school trying to get the scope of whats happening .  Well, probably you guys wanted know if someone deliberately lid the school??  To end your curiosity I just have to say I don't know whats the cause ( I know im evil -^^- ).

   After that incident,  nothing bad can happen right??  To that I was proven wrong , I ate some takeaway that has seafood on Friday. Next day I was sick ....reallly SICK ><lll  and that last through the whole weekend till today.   I didnt know what cause my stomach ache, since the pain was at the lower right side of the abdomen. To the great news, its just food poisoning  and the bad news doc say I might have  appendicitis  xD.  ( I sincerly hope not...i think i never had surgery before O_O )

    Oh yea, I guess its a good thing i miss 2 days of school and have a legit excuse but right now Im missing tons of aissgnment time and my science report essay on dieases I left it at school. grrr...I feel so stupid right now . And wish me luck guys, today I have an exam to take =)


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