Friday, May 27, 2011

Nothing beats running around camando style

   Today, I had the most awesome time in my life. 32 players included my best friends, rival, strangers and freniemies. Well divided in to 3 teams ( blue, red and the awesome team GREEN) <-- Im so bias well u guys know which team im on ;)

   We all went laser tagging ^^  haha..even the sports teacher joined..unfortunately I wasn't  kind to the teacher and shot him when sighted. Best part is I feel alive now, the running the dodging the tumbling and the tactics.

    Unfortunately Green came last coz the Blue and Red team decided to gang up and defeat us. So being me I go to the most dangerous spot and stalk opponents till thier dead ^^

    Best time of my life, and Im sorrry to a friend Micheal..accidently hit him on his head when trying shoot pplz from the top >< ( opps)

1 comment:

sweethoneydew said...

awesomee :DDD
sounds like fun~!

wish i was there :(
heard from sammie that it was FUNNN AS!
lucky much? :)