Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm here

          Sleeping through this soaring Summer heat, I laid in my bed thinking "  I wish  to not grow up."  It maybe a childish , impossible dream but yet I long for it.

           This maybe stupid but I don't want to grow old even though  my mind accepts that my birthday comes and pass. The people that surround me will change. My love ones and my friends. It scared the daily light out of me.

            Than the thoughts keeping churning in my mind than I thought what happen when you close your eyes. What happen, when your put into a coffin lower down the ground or your body awaits for a burning fire.  But I know this is mother nature ways to maintain this wonderful Earth.

           For every living this that is born , there's always someone slipping in to darkness.

         I pray for those soul that has no one else that remember them.  sincerely Patricia Lim

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