Monday, September 26, 2011

Is there no solutions ??

   BAD...bad ...bad...if you guys haven't head that the IMF funding is runnign low right now due to them trying to bail Greece from defaulting . So right now, you might think its not our problem if your not in Greece but your wrong !! 
   To those people living in Europe especially and across nations. Its really bad news, for by any chance if Italy , France or Germany can't cope under the amount of economy pressure. You can't say goodbye to Euro's .

   If that's not  bad enough worst  news in Asia, as rumor been circulating that China growth is slowing down which lead a down in commodities which lead for the Aussie Dollar to go down. The third largest economy ,   Japanese Yen and Nikkei  is rising as the country major income are  exporting probably won't leave get them out from the double digit in the reds.

    Evidently there's also the most annoying crisis in America. Which thier uncontrollable debt, they can't seem to find a solution to it. So whatever what happens there no real solution in my eyes. But hey, I don't have a Economics degree or business degree  so I can't say much. 

   Whatever happens,  the Americans politicians need to get their act together. Find a solution with their economist and treasurers.  European countries , I pray for you guys to pull through this at least in one piece. Asia, better not fail in this crucial times.

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