Monday, August 22, 2011

What NOT to do when playing MMO games etc

 A guide to all playersthat play MMO games or MMORPG games online. Anyway tips for NOT to do when playing this kind of games.

Golden Rules
1) Don't freaking share your account password ( number 1 reason why ppl get hack - _ -) 
2) Respect players ( if games has pvp function or elite hunt don't ks from them or kill them when they are doing quest )  <- all the ppl that don't follow this rules either ur strong or weak your a NOOB 
3) If your getting ks or dieing don't freaking flood chat its part of the game . Accept and move on or remember their names and get your friends to kill them ;)
4)  Don't ever ask other players for things when you can just get it yourself  because everyone in game "work hard" to get equips, spell books and those shenanigans.

5) Most important rule , don't  do anything stupid like use cheats or swear at players because GM'S will hunt you down and might give you a warning or disable your account depending the severity of your offense.

                                                         !!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARN  !!!
                  ( reason why I post this because it just take one idiot to destroy other players gaming experience 
                                                                 I myself have work as a GM before)