Thursday, March 17, 2011

flip side

 Hate that time of the year , where major assignments and projects are due .

Homework should be banned !! 

   How ironic i' m also doing a debate about homework should be banned and right now I'm  the negative team =-=   So I have to disagree that homework is the most essential part in a student life . XD
      Well beside that , I have 2 history assignment due. This is where major marks play big role in my result. For one of the assignment , I am researching about an aspect of the Viking era. I have to make a 3D model , powerpoint , and give a presentation about it . 

    The second assignment, is a cold case of the death of the Royal English prince mysterious dissaparence . Im suppose to write a report, about the motive , the evidance , and why Im accusing of the suspect . X-X

   well , beside that assignment , I also have a cultral assignment of researching and presenting to my class of 2 tradational japanese sport and hobbies. 

   Just remember I have to finish my Science report too. 

   To all of u , hope u dont have as much as work as I have. and have fun :)


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